General Collection


RAF H-type Oxygen mask,


US kit o an A/C to be build by kids who´s dad was in the army,


RAF 1941 Pattern Sidcot Flying Suit and RAF quilted kapok liner,


RAF Mic for the "G"- oxygen mask and A contacting altimeter.
This one gives a warning or signal at a pre determined height.
The Mk 111A shown here was standard equipment in a number of Fleet air arm dive bombers. 



80 LB cartridges to fire 5.5 Inch UK shells


German M42 Helmet found in a shed,



German flaregun LP34 Aluminium, and Wurfgranatpatrone 326LP



German MG34 "Sturmtrommel" (Ammodrum) with 50 round and startertab.


Raf transmitter T1154 in top condition used in Lancasters,Srirlings,Halifaxes and so on.


Gibson girl wíreless transmitter.



Nicely stamped Air Ministry Hand held Observers Compass Type 06A including its prisma

used in Lancasters,Srirlings,Halifaxes and so on.



Raf  Walkingbottle from Halifax W1042.


Cilinderhead from Bristol pegasus aircraft engine.