English Electric Co Ltd, Salmesbury, Preston, 78 SQDN For an operation at Essen (Germany) this bomber took of with its 7 headed crew at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire at 20.00 PM on 03-04-1943.

At 04-04-1943 This Bomber was hit by a German Fighterplane flown by Major Wilhelm Eckhart von Bonin (Right on picture , He died in 1992) statoinared a Fliegerhorst Venlo.

It crashed in Nederweert at Colusdijk (before) Koolhovendijk.



Pilot     F/Lt   RICHARDSON   Thomas Herbert Ottewill   88657   KIA-Buried in Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery. JJB. 5

Engr     Sgt   DUNLOP   Robert Osborne Mitchell   R/70006   RCAF   KIA-Buried in the Canadian War Cemetery, Groesbeek. XVI. F. 6

Nav      F/O   ALLBERRY   Charles Robert Cecil Austin   127293   KIA-Buried in Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery. JJB. 51

B/Aim   Sgt   KERNICK   Reginald John   1338395   KIA-Buried in Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery. JJB. 57

W/Op    F/O   SHADWELL   Lancelot Rodney Cayley   49298   KIA-Buried in Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery. JJB. 49

AG        Sgt   McCORMICK   John   639959   KIA-Buried in Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery. JJB. 54

AG        Sgt   WEBB   Thomas Henry   1382258   KIA-Buried in Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery. JJB. 52  

The crashsite,

Relics, Parts from engines,bombcontainer,wingpieces etc,



Old pictures,

Luftwaffe at the Crashsite,

Airgunner Sgt Webb,

F/O   Allberry,

Webb´s Family and grave,









Story from an eyewitness.

 Sunday morning 4 april 1943 we found an aircraft which was broken into four pieces at Colusdijk In Nederweert a town in Holland.

Three major pieces were found in a pine forest and the fourth piece was lying in a field.

In this piece of wreckage we found the body of Navigator  F/O Alberry (Charles Robert Cecil Austin).  

After we went back we met an older man who told us that deep in the forest in a large piece of wreckage a crewmember was found major wounded on his head,

this was airgunner  Sgt Webb  (Thomas Henry) who was still sitting in the chair of the Tailturret.

The rest of the crew was lying  approximately in a rang of 50 meters from the wreckage, so this must be because they heard the “jump-call” to late!

“We” took Sgt Webb out of his chair while his watch was stopped at 23.40 after that the first Germans were at the crashsite as It was at this time somewhere around noon.

They took care very well for Sgt Webb.

His throat was full of bloodstains and he was telling them he was very Thirsty.

In the afternoon the Germans took him to a hospital in Weert were he died about 18.30

The Bomber flown by pilot Richardson was on a raid "to or from" Essen, shot down by Major Wilhelm Eckhart von Bonin statoined at Fliegerhorst Venlo.