Update 02-14-2012

Yesterday I was with a landowner at the crashsite of Halifax W1042.
Louis told me that in the days just after the war the forest littered with parts of this Halifax.
The lizards were indulging in the warmth of the sun reflected on the alumiumparts that lying there.
On a wing section of 5 meters was a German helmet with a name in it, "Schmitz" as he told me.
As a child he had made ​​a shelter at the crashsite where they had gathered many airplane parts when they were kids.
Once on location yesterday, he knew that it surely had changed over the years.
However, he told me that on the fuselage part a name was written probably from one of the husbands of one of the crewmembers.
I showed him some parts that are lying around there.

Louis, thanks!

Special thanks to Mr. Mark Reed, Brett and Mr. Graham for all the information and pictures!

More information and relics can be found at my other website in dutch,


Very close to the crashsite of  Lancaster LM548-JO-P  i found major

craters with  numbered wreckparts starting; 57 so, Halifax no doubt about this.

Df-loop , shoes,engineparts aswel walkingbottles came to the surface.



Shot down by a night-fighter (Hptm Wolfgang Thimmig, 111./NJG1), and crashed at 02.00 at Maarheeze / Weert  (Noord Brabant), 16 km SE of Eindhoven.


Sgt A.R.Moore KIA Sgt D.L.Thurlow PoW 

L.R.Silver RCAF PoW

Sgt J.A.Ogden PoW Sgt H.R.Stacey PoW

Sgt M.F.English RCAF KIA

Sgt F.Walker KIA

Sgt J.A.Ogden was interned in Camps 383/L7, PoW No.524

L.R.silver in Camp L3, PoW No.527

Sgt H.R.Stacey in Camps L3/L6/357, PoW No.444 with Sgt D.L.THurlow, PoW No.448


Found relics,

Ammo ducts,